The Origin of the T-shirt

The Origin of the T-shirt

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T-shirt is seen as an easy and versatile garment that can be worn anywhere for any purpose. It is definitely the most commonly worn clothing today. The popularity of t-shirts has been increasing continuously in the last few decades. But, did you know that t-shirts were first worn in the 19th century as an undergarment? T-shirts have come a long way for sure. We will tell you why and when they were invented, and the evolutions they went through over through over the years.


The invention of the first t-shirt


The first t-shirt was made in late 19th century by dividing the union-suit (a buttoned jumpsuit of that time) into a top and a bottom. This top was a buttoned, shirt like undergarment which became popular amongst miners, dock and factory workers as a clothing for hot working conditions.



The modern t-shirt however, is a descendant of the one issued by the American army during the American-Spanish war. This t-shirt was white and had a collarless round neck and sleeves. It was the earliest crew neck. This was an undergarment for the soldiers, but in hot weather they would take off their uniform jacket and wear just the t-shirts.

In regular life, t-shirts were made famous by army veterans who would wear them as top garments. This led to commercialization of the t-shirt. Soon, they were accepted as an all-purpose, daily wear garment for boys. Since they were comfortable, simple, easy to wash and cheap, the popularity of t-shirts never saw a decline.


The evolution of the t-shirt


A trend that got everyone excited was printing on t-shirts. T-shirt printing was done for varied purposes. Around 1950s and 60s, the printed t-shirt was a widespread and popular trend in the western world. Everything from expressive slogans, advertisements for product and hotels, to photographs and artistic designs were printed on the t-shirts.



Later, many versions of the t-shirt were introduced like V-necks, buttoned and unbuttoned henleys, and full t-shirt for man. Due to the variety, utility and versatility that it has provided for more than 100 years, t-shirt has become the staple wear of men today.

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