The meaning of “T” in T-shirt

The meaning of “T” in T-shirt

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T-shirts are the most commonly worn garment today. This is because they are comfortable, airy and very stylish. Everyone who wears t-shirts knows that they get their name from the “T” shape formed by their body and sleeves. The first t-shirts, which were invented in late 19th century, were the original crew necks. They had round necks and short sleeves, and were used as undergarments.



T-shirts have developed greatly since then, even if their name has not. They are the staple garment of most men now. T-shirts also have many designs now like V-necks and henleys.One other thing that has remained the same all the years is the right size of t-shirt to choose. A t-shirt that is too loose will seem like a nightgown. A t-shirt that is tight on you will seem like you picked it from the kids’ section. It is therefore important to choose a t-shirt that fits right for you. When you buy tee shirts online or from the store, make sure they fit you as described below-


1. The shoulders- For the perfect fit, make sure that the shoulder seams align ideally to the points where the curves of your shoulders end.



2. The sleeves- If you’re buying a short-sleeves t-shirt, the sleeve must reach around the halfway point of your upper arm. If you have unusually long arms, go for a t-shirt that reaches about an inch below the halfway point. This will make your arms look more proportional. When buying afull t-shirt for man, the correct size is the one whose sleeves reach the joint between the wrist and the hand.


3. The length- A t-shirt too short will become a crop top when you raise your hand. For a natural fit, the t-shirt should reach between the start and end of the hips region.



After size comes the fit. If you have a well-defined muscular figure, nothing would complement it like a tight-fitting shirt. For the athletic types, baggy shirts look attractive. Then there is regular fit that goes with all.

After you figure out the fit, you must also choose the right fabric. If you want a t-shirt to wear all day long, choose pure cotton. They are breathable and keep you cool. For sports, go with poly-cotton or synthetic fabric.

There are thousands of designs to choose from when buying t-shirts. If you are into prints, you can buy printed t-shirts online at house a vast collection of original and funny printed t-shirts that will turn heads wherever you go. 

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