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T-Shirt Rulebook: Types of T-Shirts and How to Wear Them

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The limited choice of apparel options is a constant struggle that men have to go through. But with a little smartness and a cool wardrobe, any guy can be a show stopper. While the clothing items might be limited, there are many variants available to add style quotient. Every guy has a collection of t-shirts, but most of us wear the same type of t-shirt which makes it look boring.

If you also feel fashion impaired because of lack of clothing options to wear, we bring to you the top 4 types of t-shirts and how to best wear them:


Solid/Plain Tees




These are probably the most popular t-shirts amongst men around the world. The solid tees are single coloured t-shirts which feature no design or pattern whatsoever. You can wear these to practically any type of occasion, be it hanging out with friends, partying out, or relaxing at home. Since these are plain, they can be worn with denims, trousers, shorts, khakis and any other bottom wear. Apart from solids, stripped designs are also very popular and offer the same casual and “chill” look.


Graphic Prints



Graphic prints add a funk factor to your clothing, and can be a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Based on your interests, you can buy printed t shirts onlinewith graphics related to music, movies, abstract art, animals, spirituality, and more. These days, t-shirts with prints of quirky and popular quotes are also trending, especially amongst young men. Such t-shirts give a flavour to the clothing and make you a conversation magnet at parties and hangouts. Pair them up with denims or khakis to get the perfect casual style. You can find a huge collection of graphic tees for mens online.


Pocket Design



Stepping out of the funk and all-casual appeal, t-shirts with pockets are a definite “must have” for every guy. These mens designer t shirtsgive a more refined look without taking away the casual spirit of the clothing. You can wear them with denim when you plan to hang out with friends and relax, or combine them with khaki trousers for a more formal setup.





A Henley tee features a collarless design along with a buttoning placket. Not only does it make the clothing look more elegant, many designers use contrasting colours on the placket to add a little spunk factor. Like pocket design tees, you can wear these with almost any type of bottom wear. Avoid wearing them with shorts as the contradicting appeals of lazy and spunk does not look as appealing.


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