How T-Shirts Took Over Wardrobes around the World

How T-Shirts Took Over Wardrobes around the World

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T-shirts are probably one of the most popular and common clothing items which can be easily found in almost every guy’s wardrobe. From plain tees to designer printed T shirts online, there are endless options available these days to choose from for different occasions. While the initial trend of t-shirts was made popular by the youth and teenagers, these days, men of all ages wear these as they offer a casual and comfortable appeal.

But how did tees become this popular across the world? Were they designed to be the same versatile fashion wear as they are considered today? Today, we talk about the history of T-shirts as we know them.


History of T-Shirts



Tee shirts were first introduced as undershorts for war soldiers in the US. The soldiers wore heavy uniforms which not particularly skin friendly. So they started wearing a shirt underneath. This “undershirt” did not have any collar, buttons, or stitches to provide complete comfort to the wearer. The fabric was cool, and an extra layer was great for absorbing sweat.

When men realised that the clothing was very comfortable and convenient, they started wearing it without the uniform as well. While the t-shirts during world war did not look exactly like the designer t shirts for men we have today, it was a start of a new fashion trend. Eventually men and boys across the US started wearing these, and the popularity of t-shirts reached all parts of the world.


Popularity in the Present Day



The true versatility of t-shirt was made known when it reached the market. Men and boys were wearing it under shirts, with shirts, and even without. Since there were not many stitches, it was very comfortable to wear. Very soon women also started wearing t-shirts.

Today, you can find men and women wearing tees in all parts of the world. These days, there is a huge range of unisex clothing, and the most popular unisex fashion item is a t shirt. From plain/solid t-shirtsto funny graphic tees for men, there are endless options to choose from.

T-shirts have become much more than just clothing these days. Many people wear t-shirts as a fashion statement, and even to support certain causes, professions, region and more. There are many quirky quotes printed t shirts online, and almost all big or small clothing labels create designer t shirts for men and women.

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