Beat the summer heat with airy and cool t-shirts

Beat the summer heat with airy and cool t-shirts

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Men are easy-going and comfort loving creatures. This is why most men despise wearing clothes in hot weather. Their hatred is not unreasonable though. If you do not buy clothes meant for the heat and humidity, you would feel like you are melting all throughout the day. To help you stay cool and dry in the heat, here are some things to keep in mind when buying t-shirts to wear in hot weather-


1. Always choose pure cotton- Cotton is the king of fabrics when it comes to breathability and coolness. Most men like cotton because of its airy and comfortable feel. Cotton t-shirt for men does not stick to the body like synthetic t-shirts and allows more airspace. It is a super absorbent fabric which prevents you from being uncomfortable due to sweat. Cotton t-shirts can be worn for long time in hot weather. It is the perfect fabric for both dry and humid hot weathers.




2. Quality Prints- The problem with buying cheap printed t-shirts is that the print irritates in the summer. It sticks to the body and causes sweating. Sometimes cheap print pokes and irritates in hot weather, causing unending discomfort. Therefore, always choose a t-shirt with good quality print to wear in hot weather.




3. Keep it loose- Switch to baggy t-shirts for the summer. Baggy t-shirts do not only make you look awesome. But they keep you cooler than tight or regular fits. The farther the fabric stays away from the body, the better you will feel. Baggy t-shirt for men allows greater movement and does not cause irritation.

If you are looking for a t-shirt for workout or sports in hot weather, go with a poly-cotton blend. Poly-cotton blend t-shirts are almost as absorbent as cotton and dry off as quickly as synthetic fabric. But, wearing a poly-cotton t-shirt for a long time might make you feel uncomfortable. So, change out of it immediately after workout.



Summer is a time for endless fun at the beach, pool parties and all-night fiestas. Do not give up on your life and style just because it is hot outside. Steal the show at the next party with a cool and stunning, printed cotton shirt.

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