What Style of T-Shirt Suits Your Body Type?

What Style of T-Shirt Suits Your Body Type?

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T-shirts are probably the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing for men and women alike. While womenhave a wide range of options to include in their wardrobe, men have to choose from t-shirts, shirts and sweaters. This is why it becomes essential that you pick clothes which suit your body type, and look good on you.

Today, we talk about which t-shirts are best suited for what body types, and what you can do to accentuate your style appeal with these t-shirts:


For Slim Body Type



People who have a slim or lean body often struggle with finding the right t-shirt to wear. Since not many t-shirts for mens have shoulders and waist proportioned as per slim body type, you should consider wearing straight pattern tees. Such tees make your body look bulkier because of the straight cut. Pair them with an open buttoned shirt or a jacket to give your body a proportionate look.


For Chubby Men

Chubby men have long avoided t-shirts as they think it fails to hide the extra mass. But the truth is that if you a pick a good fit t-shirt, it can not only make you look slimmer, but also give the impression of a muscular physique. Baggy t-shirts are perfect for broad bodied men as they hang loose on your body and hide the curves. Also, if you have an un-toned broad body, avoid wearing bold graphic prints or boxy tees. There is a huge collection of mens plain T shirts online which you can add to your wardrobe.


For Bulky/Muscular Men


Most people think that muscular people can pull off any type of t-shirts. While it is true that a muscular or bulky body is accentuated more in a tee, you need to make sure that your t-shirt does justice to the efforts you’re putting in gym.Try slim fit tees that stick to your muscles and make them stand out. You can even experiment with graphic tees or striped designs that not only look good, but add a dose of quirkiness to your wardrobe.


For Athletic Body Type



If you are an athlete with well-defined physique, there are endless options in t-shirts you can choose from. V neck and crew neck tees are most popular amongst men with athlete body type, since these add more definition to the shoulder and chest region.

With stores like Funky Teens offering high quality designer tees, you can buy t-shirts online and give your wardrobe a stunning makeover.


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