The History of T-Shirts

The History of T-Shirts

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T-shirts are the most commonly worn garment by men today. You might have been wearing t-shirts since you were a child. But did you know that t-shirts were invented more than one hundred years ago? Yes, they have been a popular garment throughout the last century, even though they were not intended to be garments originally.


The Origin


Plain white, round collar t-shirts (what we call crewnecks) were initially issued as undergarments to the American soldiers, to be worn under uniform jackets. When working in hot environment, the soldiers would take off their jackets, wearing only the t-shirts. This trend became popular back home when veteran soldiers started wearing their uniform t-shirts as everyday top-wear. Soon, t-shirts were regarded as a cheap, easy to maintain garment for boys. Since they were inexpensive and easy to wash, plain t-shirts for men became popular amongst dock, mine and factory workers as well, who would wear them while working in hot environments.


After the popularity of the t-shirt grew expansively in the western world, printed t-shirts were introduced. Initially, t-shirts were printed with resort and hotel names, to be sold as souvenirs to the visitors. Then, other companies too started printing on t-shirts as a mode of advertisement for their products. Later, t-shirt printing evolved and things like important events, band names, artistic illustrations etc were common prints ont-shirts. Graphic tees for men were also used to show beliefs and protests. This gave rise to a culture in which the t-shirt was more than just a garment, it was a medium of self-expression.






T-shirts evolved into so many different types and designs that we can see now. Today, everyone from celebrities to school boys wear t-shirts. You probably are wearing one right now. This is because the comfort and style choices that they offer. A single t-shirt can be paired with different clothes to offer many different style choices. With t-shirts, a man’s fashion sense can never be boring because they offer endless style options every day.


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