Funky t-shirts trends for men to try

Funky t-shirts trends for men to try

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T-shirts are the most comfortable and versatile item of clothing ever invented. A t-shirt offers you numerous looks to choose from everyday. Although men’s plain t-shirts are evergreen, your wardrobe needs to be diverse. If you are tired of the same old t-shirts and jeans combination, here are some funky t-shirt styles to freshen up your look-

         1.T-shirt as undershirt-

A casual shirt or thin jacket over your plain t-shirt will brighten up your personality. Plain white t-shirt and denim jacket is a timeless look that still turns heads. You can pair your t-shirt with a bomber jacket for a sporty and easy-going look.

A V-neck with a dark blazer over it gives a semi-formal look for corporate events and formal occasions. The same combination also gives a stylish and casual look for a party with friends.

         2.Pocketed t-shirts-

Pocketed t-shirts add a fine detail to your look, getting you a lot of second glances wherever you go. Pocketed t-shirts come with all types of designs, fits and sleeve lengths. You can choose your favourite design and rock it with jeans, cargo pants, and shorts as well.

         3.Full sleeves-

Full sleeves t-shirts are not just a trend for the winter. Full sleeves t-shirts help you keep your arms from getting tanned, and also accentuate your torso, giving you a hunky image.

         4.Printed t-shirts-

Printed t-shirts are for those who liketo keep their look bold and loud. Graphic t-shirts for guys come with all types of prints including sports teams, music artists, movies and TV shows, etc. These prints are not only fashionable and appealing, but also help the wearer express their likes and thoughts.

T-shirts with tropical prints are also very popular now. But most men are hesitant to try them. Contrary to what you may think, tropical prints look good on everyone and can be worn for many different occasions. A tropical print t-shirt is a must have for every man’s closet.

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