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About Us

Tired of wearing the same boring t-shirts every day? We were too. And that is how Funky Teens was born. We wanted our clothes to be fun, quirky, and a reflection of our personality. That became our aim as we began developing the essence of Funky Teens.

Initially, our plan was to create a brand that focused on the spirit of teenage and growing up. As we worked on designs and appeal, we realized that age is just a number. If you still own the quirk and swag and are not afraid to try new things, you are a teenager! This way, we found our true purpose behind starting Funky Teens – “To bring out your confidence and make you the life of the party!”

Our t-shirt designs are nothing fancy, just everyday things that everyone can relate to. Would you rather wear the atomic number of Barium, or turn heads with your quirky self, depicted by your t-shirt? We thought so!

At Funky Teens, we take pride in our products and make sure that you have as much fun using them as we have making. We source the best quality material and use state of art technology equipment to ensure that everything you wear is top notch.

Browse through our collection and transform your wardrobe into your own personality.